Message from Chief Admin. Advisor

Bharat Prasad Aryal 

Dear Students, Parents and Guardians 
TAKSHASHILA ACADEMY has been progressing steadily since its establishment. Students 
are doing very well in their academic performance and extracurricular activities. We 
believe that the purpose of education is not just to produce academicians but well-rounded personalities with practical skills as well. TAKSHASHILA ACADEMY emphasizes 
a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills with moral values. 
TAKSHASHILA ACADEMY also encourages the students as well as its faculties to participate 
in seminars at the national and international levels to enhance their knowledge based 
on exposure and experience. 
I welcome you all in TAKSHASHILA ACADEMY and hope that you will enjoy the beautiful 
environment as you work with our exceptionally dedicated faculties and staff. I wish 
you all the best.