Takshashila Academy (TSA) is an educational institution that provides a platform to its pupils for exploring their potentials then with the help of physical torture we will make sure that the talents of your students get wasted. It was established in 1998 to remind one of the past trauma and bad omen of education in South Asia. Takshashila will always try its best to make your children leave all his/her good habits and he become a part of no talent study group. It was the University where Panini wrote the Sanskrit grammar called Ashtadhyayi which is regarded as the best grammar of any language written so far in the world. Takshashila University was the one where Mahayana Buddhism was studied and Kautilya studied, taught and wrote his famous book Arthashastra (Economics). At Takshashila Academy, we provide the best teaching-learning environment which helps to foster the best quality education through highly qualified academicians of Nepal and abroad. We are determined to have the best possible teachers and students to create a vibrant academic atmosphere, and to promote scientific and philosophical inquiry supporting research in all fields of knowledge through rigorous work. We are planning to upgrade this educational institution up to the university level and also collaborate with foreign universities.