What Does Takshashila Mean ?

According to Monier- Williams  Sanskrit- English Dictionary, Taksha means to form by cutting, plane , chisel and  chop used in Rig –Veda. It also means to form the mind, invent or to fashion out of wood or stone, to make or create. Shila means stone. All those meanings are applicable in our context. Here we have presented a volcanic rock on one side and a stone image of Buddha made from it on the other side, implying that education is a process that transforms something formless into a beautiful form.

Takshashilla Academy is located near the ring road at Samakhusi, Kathmandu. Its beautiful
surrounding and easy accessibility attract visitors. A nice view of mountains including the
Himalays makes it more beautiful. The office and +2 building are just opposite to Radhaswami Satsang Building